Entombed - An RPG Roguelike Game for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Entombed is a large dungeon delving RPG game for the blind or visually impaired. It's designed to be  exciting and replayable -- A game you can play for months or years.

Choose from dozens of races and classes to create the ultimate dungeon crawling group. Make use of powerful warriors, cunning thieves, dastardly necromancers and more! Discover hundreds of unique weapons, armor, and magic spells to help you on your way. Through tragedy or triumph your score will be displayed on Entombed's online score boards for all to admire.

Entombed features the following:

  • 20 job classes to mix and match. Like the strength of the warrior and the subtly of the thief? Combine them into one and reap the benefits of both! Over 350 combinations to try.
  • Over 40 monsters to defeat. From goblins to carnivorous mushrooms to fearsome giants!
  • Challenging boss battles to test your resolve.
  • Multiple dungeon paths to make exploration exciting and unpredictable.
  • 25 ever-changing dungeon levels.
  • Thousands of random weapons, armor, scrolls, and potions.
  • Mysterious dungeon secrets including hidden shops and locked chests.
  • Unlockable secrets including new playable races, job classes, and more!
  • Online leader board integrated into the game.
  • Beautiful music and quality sound effects.
  • Free version has over 20 hours of entertainment!

Features in the full version:

  • All dungeon levels are accessible.
  • The Barbarian, Bard, Assassin, Brawler, and Paladin jobs are available.
  • More boss battles.
  • Online scoring.